Concrete Tints Vs. Glazes

8 March 2018
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The ubiquitous look up concrete isn't exactly the most stylish or well loved. This is why homeowners with concrete driveways often want to add some color and style to the surface. This article explains two different ways that you can add color to an existing concrete driveway. Concrete Tints Concrete tints are basically a liquid solution that you pour onto the surface to dye the concrete. The watery tint sinks into the pores, and tints deep within the concrete. Read More 

How To Prevent And Repair Common Asphalt Damage

30 November 2017
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Maintenance to your asphalt is an ongoing process to ensure it remains strong and a solid surface. When cracks and other damage begin to occur to your asphalt's surface, this can lead to deterioration and require repairs. Here are some tips to help you prevent and repair asphalt damage. Build a Strong Foundation The foundation of your asphalt determines the pavement's durability, as it supports the top flexible surface layer. Asphalt is a flexible material to give and move appropriately under the heavy weight of vehicles, and without the right type of base material it will eventually settle, collapse, and crumble. Read More 

Want To Spruce Up Your Place Of Business? Why You Should Have Your Parking Lot Repaved

16 June 2017
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Owning a business is all about appealing to the customer. You want to build up a group of repeat patrons who love your products and services so much that they aren't willing to purchase them from anywhere else. However, no matter how great your brand may be, the first step to growing your company is getting the people in the door. This starts with the aesthetics of your establishment because the condition of your grounds can make a big difference in determining whether a potential customer decides to buy from you or go elsewhere. Read More 

Asphalt Driveway Sub-Grade Information

29 May 2017
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If you have an asphalt driveway, then you may need an entirely new installation about once in a thirty year period. Widespread potholes, cracking, and the heaving of the surface are all signs that you should consider a replacement. When you speak with a paving professional, like New England Paving, the individual may want to investigate the sub-grade of your driveway. This is especially true if an uneven or heaved surface is noted. Read More 

Getting Your Driveway Paved

18 May 2017
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When it comes to your driveway you have a few options to get it paved. The main two options that you have is concrete and asphalt. Both of these materials are great materials and have a few pros and cons. While there are a lot of different reasons to pave your driveway, you are going to end up having to choose between these great materials. This article is going to simply outline a few of the pros for each of the different materials so you can make an educated decision on what you want to pave your driveway with. Read More